March 2013

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Helping homeless animals has never been easier. Click Here to support BARCS and help the animals of Baltimore City find new homes. BARCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting BARCS!

Dear Friend of BARCS ,


Each year, BARCS receives hundreds of animals that are seriously sick or

injured and in need of immediate emergency medical attention. Unfortunately, BARCS alone does not have the funding or resources for expensive, specialized treatment of these homeless pets. The animals needing critical assessment and immediate lifesaving treatment are sent to veterinary hospitals that have partnered with BARCS to evaluate and treat them at a lower cost to BARCS.  Without donations to support their lifesaving care, sadly many of these animals cannot be saved – dogs and cats that would otherwise be wonderful pets.


The Franky Fund was created to provide the emergency medical care necessary to treat these unfortunate sick and injured homeless animals. With your help, we can give innocent pets a second chance at life.


BARCS cherishes and cares for every animal that comes through our  doors. Like Monty, who was born with a severe rear leg deformity but it never slows down this love bug that jumps right up in your lap for affection. Because Monty is so active, the vet’s decision was to amputate his fragile deformed leg so that he doesn’t risk breaking it. Without the Franky Fund this gorgeous cat who loves everyone he meets would not be able to have a loving home to call his own.


Or the emaciated Freckles, recently found moaning in a shopping center’s dumpster, in shock from all of his wounds. Needing immediate care, a Franky Fund vet x-rayed him only to find his belly was filled with coins and he needed emergency surgery to remove the toxic metal. Thus far, his surgery and care is over $3,000 for a loving puppy not even a year old.


The Franky Fund is a vital resource at BARCS, but we depend on donations from the public to continue to help these needy animals. If you would like to donate to the Fund – to help the next Franky Fund candidate – please make a donation online. Thank you!



And the Most Popular Item at PETCO is…


On an average day in a pet store in Halethorpe, Maryland, department manager Heather England will see a handful of customers make a mid-stride course correction away from the aisles of cat food, dog chow and bird paraphernalia, to instead go and coo at a wall full of items the store doesn’t even sell.  The “items” in question are the furry and adorable cats from BARCS. Visitors are apt to find them preening, pouncing, wrestling or simply snoozing, but as soon as someone arrives they stop and engage passersby, as if to say, “pick me!”  The cats are always on the lookout for adoptive parents and they are perhaps the store’s biggest draw. 


England couldn’t be happier. 


“I love seeing people come in to look at the cats,” she says.  “It makes everyone who works in the store smile when we help pair up a cat and a person.” 


And pair them up they do.  On average, the Petco store in Halethorpe helps find homes for one to three cats a week.  During special “adoption events” held at the store, as many as 10 BARCS cats have been adopted in a single day.  For store workers, the pace of adoptions has a bittersweet downside. “The cats cycle through so fast that we don’t get to build up much of an attachment,” said England. “One day, they’re here and they’re cute; the next day they’re gone.”  Once in a while though, a BARCS cat actually goes home with a PETCO employee.


“We’ve seen that happen,” said England.  “That’s a nice perk of working here – we get to see the cats first.” 


Of course, the cats don’t always leave everything to chance. England recalls one cat that, once adopted, insisted that her new owner go back to the store to ask about an unspecified mystery illness. It was an obvious ruse – the cat simply wanted her new owner to adopt her former roommate and bring her home, too. Naturally, she did.                                           


The BARCS-Petco relationship has been in place since early 2008.  More recently, BARCS began partnering in a similar capacity with two Baltimore area PetValu stores, on Charles Street and Fort Avenue.  Both those efforts are off to strong starts which is great news for BARCS cats: more that 420 cats have been adopted via the Petco store alone and more pet store partners means more cats will undoubtedly find happy homes.


A lot of work goes into making the partnership arrangements so successful. BARCS Lead volunteer Belinda Reed recruits volunteers and coordinates schedules for the 12 or so volunteers needed to feed, groom and otherwise care for the BARCS cats at Halethorpe’s Petco store.  She’s proud that the cats always look great and tend to find happy homes quickly. Reed even writes the Petco Kit Kats blog that features Happy Tail adoption stories.


“Lately is seems we very rarely have a cat stay longer than two or three weeks before they are adopted,” says Reed.  “All of the volunteers do an amazing job tending to the kitties in the stores, making sure they get exercise and attention, so they can look their best!  I cannot say enough about how PETCO and PetValu are helping support BARCS mission.” 


We hope all of our Paw Printers readers will visit the BARCS cats and support our Petco and Pet Valu partners. 



Help BARCS Win!


Every day, in every way, you are there for your pet! Being a great pet parent is about the bond you share and how you care for your pet's physical, mental, social and emotional needs.


Are you a great one? You can win up to $50,000 for yourself plus $50,000 for BARCS!!! The Petco Foundation is sponsoring a contest that runs now through August 25th and $150,000 in prizes will be awarded!


Just create your choice of a short two-minute video or a 500-word essay that explains why you're a great pet parent and Petco will select five winners, including a grand prize winner who will receive $50,000, plus make a $50,000 donation to BARCS.


Ten finalists will be selected every month for six months. If you aren’t selected as a finalist, you can enter again the next month! Five prize winners will selected by a Petco panel from all 60 finalists. 

Enter the contest here and please be sure to select the MD Baltimore-Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter from the drop down file of Petco Foundation Charity Partners.


Please share this with everyone you know! Winners will be announced on September 30th.     



BARCS Happenings


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Save the date for BARCStoberfest 2013 on Saturday, October 26 at Patterson Park and Pawject Runway with models from the Soft Side Campaign will be back on August will go on sale soon.


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