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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Wednesday, November 23rd

The holidays can be hectic enough, without a visit to the emergency vet or the worry of a missing pet. We've compiled a quick and easy to remember list of tips to keep Whiskers and Fido safe and happy during the Thanksgiving holiday.


1. Thanksgiving can mean a lot of activity in the home, which can be overwhelming for some pets. Be sure to provide a quiet room, where your pets can retreat to for relaxation, during Thanksgiving festivities.


2. There is usually a lot of food sitting around at this time of year. Avoid feeding your pets foods that can be potentially harmful or toxic to them. Foods like ham, sage, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and chocolate can all cause serious health problems for your dog or cat. Instead of giving your pet Thanksgiving leftovers, try giving them their own specialty pet treats.


3. Keep your pets on a routine throughout the holiday season; regular walks and meals help reduce stress on your pets. We recommend and extra long walk before company comes over.


4. Remind house guests not to feed any table scraps to your pets, especially turkey bones. Bones can splinter and seriously injure your dog or cat’s digestive tract.


5. Be sure to supervise any interactions between pets and children.


6. Make sure your pets are microchipped and wearing current ID tags just in case they make a dash out the door during the Thanksgiving hustle and bustle.


7. Be careful with decorative flowers and plants as some can be toxic to pets. A few common festive plants and flowers to avoid include hydrangeas, Baby’s Breath, amaryllis, Sweet William, Poinsettia, and Yew. The best way to guarantee your pets’ safety is to simply keep all plants and table decorations out of their reach.