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Happy Tail: Kaylee's Bucket List

Monday, September 18th

On May 22, 11-year-old Chloe was surrendered to BARCS. Her original owners wanted to have her euthanized, but our veterinarians examined Chloe and concluded she was in good spirits and it wasn’t her time yet. Still, the family said they were unable to provide for Chloe and chose to sign her over to our shelter.

While here at BARCS, Chloe received veterinary care and lots of love from our volunteers while she waited for a new home.

Exactly three weeks later, the Davis family visited BARCS and chose Chloe as the new member of their family. They renamed her Kaylee. A few weeks after adoption, they visited their family vet, with Kaylee's medical notes and blood work results in hand.

We'll let Kaylee's mom Melissa's letter continue the story:

"We adopted a dying dog. We didn’t mean to. You see, we knew she had health issues, but it was nothing we couldn’t get past. Nothing that would limit her time here with us.

So when the vet said it was cancer and confirmed that it had metastasized just 15 days after we adopted her, our hearts broke a little.

But then Kaylee smiled. Have I mentioned that she smiles? She smiled her smile that let us know that she doesn’t care about the cancer. She doesn’t even care about the pain.

She cares about a warm bed and two meals a day. She cares about lying in the front yard with her favorite human by her side. She cares about snuggling with one child while he watches movies and sleeping next to the other one. She cares about demanding belly scratches and love for a solid half hour before she would even DREAM of going outside to go to the bathroom.

She cares about begging for bites of my lunch and going for rides in the car and greeting all the neighbors with a wagging tail. She cares about having a family, and that we can give her.
We can’t fix her up. We can’t stop the cancer, and one day, her pain will be too great and we’ll have to make a heartbreaking choice. We’ll have to say goodbye to her, but she will go surrounded by people who love her. Her last days will be in a bed, not a cage. She will know so much love, and isn’t that what we all want before we go?

We adopted a dying dog. We didn’t mean to, but we would do it again in a heartbeat to have the chance to love her for however long we get to love her for.”

After the initial shock and heartbreak of finding out Kaylee had only a few months left on earth, the Davis family resolved to create a bucket list for Kaylee. Complete with cheeseburgers and a beach trip, the Davis family is posting her bucket list progress at Kaylee's Bucket List:

1. Find a forever home (?)
2. Go out for a burger (?)
3. Go out for ice cream (?)
4. Have breakfast in bed (?)
5. Celebrate my birthday (pictured) (?) 
6. Go for a (short) hike (?)
7. Go on a picnic
8. Have a doggie massage
9. Go out for coffee with mom
10. Go to the beach
11. See a solar eclipse

We are thankful to the Davis family for being such special adopters. Because of families like them, animals at BARCS get a second chance to be loved--no matter how much time they have left.