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Franky Fund: Star the Dog

Tuesday, July 25th

A concerned citizen filed a report through Animal Control about three dogs, one with a massive, uncomfortable tumor on her ankle.

That dog was Star. When the officer arrived on the scene, he noted that Star was curled up in a ball, shivering and shaking, even though it was more than 90 degrees outside. One of the other dogs was wrapped in a chain, and the third could be heard barking from inside a vacant, ramshackle building.

The dogs had no food or water.

Animal Control removed the dogs from the property. The two boys were brought to BARCS, while their sister Star was taken directly to the ER. The clinic—part of our Franky Fund network—examined Star’s tumor and felt she was stable enough to come back to our shelter. When she arrived, she spent time with our in-house veterinary team. They noted that the tumor on Star’s ankle had grown so large, it was splitting the skin and bleeding. Star’s fur was also thin and brittle.

Poor Star, she must be so confused about her situation—lumbering around with such a heavy mass on her leg, staying in a shelter surrounded by strangers.

Star needs medical attention quickly. We are hoping to remove the tumor and save Star’s leg. No matter what the outcome is, BARCS will make sure that Star gets to live a healthy, happy life.

We are asking for donations to our Franky Fund for Star’s surgery:

Our Franky Fund allows us to save special and emergency medical cases like Star. This year, we have been sending more and more animals in need out to partnering clinics, performing more in-shelter surgeries, and giving second chances to even the most complicated medical cases.

It has been our most expensive year on the books.

We have spent more money through the Franky Fund than ever before, and we really, really, really need your help.

Our long-term supporters may recall that only a decade ago, a dog like Star may not have had a chance here in Baltimore City. Today, BARCS is saving 88% thanks to our Franky Fund and your donations. We need your support to continue this upward lifesaving trend.

**Please designate your donation by putting “Star” in the Dedicate Your Gift section.

When you donate to the Franky Fund, 100% of your donation goes towards medical care. Any donations made exceeding the cost of Star's medical bills will help the other 20 animals so far this July who need emergency care.


A big thank you to everyone who donated to our Franky Fund to cover the costs of Star's surgery. We wanted to give you all an update on how our special girl in doing.
Last week, she had a visit at one of our Franky Fund partner clinics to take a biopsy of the enormous mass on her leg - a result of medical neglect by her former owner. We received good news by Friday that Star's tumor is not cancerous!
Our Franky Fund team has scheduled the mass removal surgery for early August. Until that time, Star is getting all the love and medical attention she needs from our BARCS team of staff and volunteers.
Star was featured on WBAL this past weekend, loving on BARCS volunteer Kevin McMullen (the police officer that saved and adopted "Miracle" Molly, the little white pit bull who was hit by a train and survived). We hope you enjoy the segment.