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Explore paths, parks and beaches available to you and your pet.

Click on the pictures to the left to see some of the animals we have for adoption. These pictures only represent a portion of the animals that are available. Some animals get adopted immediately and their photos never make it onto the site! We'd love to have this happen more often! Please come to the shelter to meet your perfect match today!

Adoption Information

We are open 7 days a week for adoption!

BARCS’ adoption applications are now available online! Two formats are available:

  1. Adoption Application (Microsoft Word Format) - Has fillable form fields so that you can fill out the application before printing it, but is only compatible with Microsoft Office.
  2. Adoption Application (PDF) - Supported on all platforms, but lacks the fillable form fields. You will most likely need to print the application to fill it out.

Anyone interested in adopting can visit the shelter during normal business hours to look at the many prospective cats and dogs we have for adoption. In order to adopt, you must be at least 18 years old, provide proof of a current address, and have a current photo ID. Potential adopters interact with the animals they are interested in. Once a selection has been made, an adoption application is completed.

We also have cats available at a few offsite locations:

  • Petco in Halethorpe
    3591 Washington Blvd. 21227
  • Pet Valu at the Southside Marketplace
    895 East Fort Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21230
  • Pet Valu at Mt. Vernon Historic District
    1209 N. Charles Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201

Payment for an adoption is due the same day the animal is chosen. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. The adopter is required to attend a brief class, the same day, on basic animal care and behavior. Classes are offered at various times throughout the day. During the class the adoption paperwork is completed, and the adopter is issued a city license (city residents only), rabies certificate, and educational material.

If the animal is already spayed/neutered, it may go home that day. If the animal still needs to be spayed or neutered, the new owner will pick up the animal, after surgery. The adopter may visit the animal at the shelter during normal visitor hours prior to the surgery.

We encourage all members of the household to partake in the selection process. The chosen animal will have a more enriched life joining a family where all members appreciate it. If you want your current dog to meet one of our adoption dogs before you adopt a new family member, you may bring your dog to the shelter. This introduction will take place outside. If you bring your dog to meet one of our dogs, please note that dogs cannot go home uncrated in the same car. Please make arrangements to safely travel home with two dogs, prior to visiting the shelter, in the event the dog you are adopting will be leaving the same day. You will either need a crate for your car or to drive the dogs home separately. 

Adoption Packages- providing a lifetime of love:

  • The Champion Adoption Package – $75
    Spay or Neuter surgery
    Vaccinations and preventatives
    Microchip ID

     (You will need to bring your own leash/collar or a carrier to take your new friend home)

  • Best In Show Adoption Package – $100
    Includes everything in The Champion Package
    New leash and collar for dogs (or) new travel carrier for cats

Adoption Specials:

A $10 pet license fee is still required for Baltimore City Residents. Specials include everything shown in the Champion Adoption Package mentioned above.

Companions for Heroes:

In an effort to show appreciation for the vital services that our police, firefighters, active duty military and veterans provide to our community, BARCS created a lifetime adoption special where adoption fees are waived for the men and women protecting and saving us. Please bring proof of service with you the day of adoption.  

Love Lasts Forever:

To BARCS, having a few more years in age simply means having more life experience and skill in the fine art of friendship.  In an effort to place these wonderful animals back into a permanent home environment for their mature years, the adoption fee is waived for all animals 5 years and older. 

Best Buddies:

BARCS often takes in animals that have grown up together and have a great friendship. In an effort to keep them together in a new home, the adoption fee is waived for all animals 6 months and older that came to BARCS together and are adopted together.  

Healing Heart:

BARCS often takes in animals that need medical treatment and are treated initially through our Franky Fund Program. However, there are animals that need long term care, additional major medical care, or follow up care in order to completely heal. For the wonderful people that want to help an animal with medical needs, the adoption fee is waived.

Working Cat Program:

Traditional home adoptions aren't for every cat! Cats available for the Working Cat program are looking for an alternative setting such as a barn, warehouse, corporate campus, plant nursery or other places of business. These cats may face some behavioral challenges that are not suitable for living indoors or are not well socialized with people but can provide benefits such as keeping rodents away. While their adoption may be a little different than house cats, we are committed to finding them safe placement for life. (No pet license is required, but an ear tip is)

Double The Love:

We have so many animals waiting for a loving new home. In an effort to help as many as possible find their new family, and do it together, animals 6 months or older that did not come in together, can be adopted 2 for the adoption fee of 1.